Cables, Piping & Service Pits Protocol

For safety reasons, all electrical and AV cables, water and drainage piping, as well as any other bulky utility equipment should laid within the service pit and not at ground level. Where service pits are not available, cables and piping should be placed above carpeting (where applicable) and marked with hazard identification tape or placed within cable trays. Cables and piping should not block doors or decoy routes.

Due to the weight, the removal of service pit covers should be handled with care. The removal of service pit covers is only permitted during the hours of 2200hrs – 0700hrs. The Centre also recommends that service pit covers be removed with the specialised magnet tool.

While service pit covers are removed and work is being carried out, event organisers should place hazard identification to mark the danger clearly.

Should there be a need to temporarily remove trench pits due to the cables and piping needs for an event. Organisers are required to inform the Centre, so that an appropriate temporary covering can be provided.

For utility orders, please see the order forms here

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