Electrical Testing & Tagging

For safety reasons, the Centre requires all electrical equipment to be in good working order and to have been tested, tagged and confirmed to be in working order.

The list below should be adhered to at all times for safety reasons:

  • Electrical equipment should be in good working condition with no damage to electrical leads.
  • Electrical equipment should not be used in wet areas unless it is designed for that purpose.
  • The placement of electrical cables should be taken into consideration at all times, to ensure that damage or injury does not occur.
  • No overloading of electrical circuits.
  • Electrical equipment should be used for their designated purpose and not modified for alternative use.
  • Use of double adaptors or ‘daisy chaining’ is not permitted.
  • For licensed areas without permanent power supply such as exhibition halls, the Centre requires event organisers to engage an appointed electrician for such services. For a list of appointed electricians, click here.

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