Organiser's Kit

This kit is a consolidated resource for event organisers, containing useful information about Suntec Singapore.

Each section below will lead you to obtain comprehensive information about our Centre and may include photographs and videos. 

Please feel free to use the information provided below for your marketing collaterals and online marketing purposes, with credits back to Suntec Singapore. 

1. About Suntec Singapore

2. Venue

3. Food & Beverage

4. Sustainability & Environmental Obligations

5. Emergency Contacts

Organisers are reminded that Suntec's Terms & Conditions, and Rules & Regulations apply for all events.

Additional useful links to place your order/service requests:

  1. Exhibition Booth Catering Marketplace
  2. Carpark Coupon Marketplace
  3. Telecommunication Services Order Request
  4. Rigging Submission (Levels 4 & 6)

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