Loading Bay - For Events Taking Place at Level 6

Vehicles should proceed up the spiral ramp to level 6 and proceed to the allocated bay as per the licensing agreement. Loading bays are designed for loading/unloading only for a maximum duration of 20 minutes per vehicle. Storage of items is not allowed unless permission is granted in advance.

For large and heavy items that cannot be pushed on a trolley or which require the usage of a forklift or pallet jack, Suntec Singapore recommends that these items should be moved from the bay into the hall by an official freight forwarder. For a list of recommended freight forwarders, please refer to Partners Guide.

At the discretion of the event organiser and with the appropriate implemented precautions (such as marshalling, signage, and security), vendors and exhibitors can drive their trucks and items directly into the halls.

During move-in/move-out, activities that could cause disruption to adjacent events (beside, below or above) such as heavy loading, carpentry, movement of construction equipment, deployment of system panels and removal of service pit covers are only permitted during the hours of 2200hrs – 0700hrs.

For technical specifications such as height and width of the loading bay ramps, doors, and location of freight doors, please refer to Technical Guide [Venue].

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