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Workplace safety is a priority of Suntec Singapore. Event organisers must conduct a safety briefing prior to all logistical movements inclusive of event move-in/move-out to ensure that all contractors, service providers and exhibitors are aware of the risk at work and are properly equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE).

All parties must familiarise themselves with our emergency evacuation policy and exit routes. Please refer to Technical Guide [Emergency Evacuation].

Dress Code

At all times, contractors and service providers should be dressed appropriately with the required PPE in a neat and tidy manner whilst working in the Centre.


Minimally, event organisers, contractors and service providers should wear clean, appropriately sized clothing in good condition. A visible logo or company name for easy identification is also required on clothing garments.

During move-in/move-out, the Centre requires that PPE such as high visibility safety garments (i.e. safety vest, safety boots and hard hats) are worn at all times. Offensive slogans or images are not permitted. Suntec Singapore reserves the right to reject any persons who do not comply with the above.


Footwear should be worn at all times and be presentable and in good condition. Certain activities may require the use of safety boots or footwear with steel caps. The event organiser, contractors and service providers should ensure compliance at all times.

During move-in/move-out periods, the usage of open-toe shoes such as sandals and slippers are not permitted.


For hygiene and safety reasons, it is recommended that long hair is neatly tied and/or kept away from the eyes to prevent accidents.


Event organisers, contractors and service providers should adhere to the following:

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Follow and adhere to the requirements detailed in Workplace Safety and Health (WSH)
  • Follow instructions provided by Suntec Singapore staff
  • Avoid the use of offensive language and ensure a respectful and courteous manner at all times
  • Ensure compliance with the Centre’s rules and regulations and the safety advisories provided

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