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Suntec Singapore Media Space 

Fully integrated throughout the venue, our comprehensive onsite media advertising options such as The Big Picture, Nicoll Corner Screen and In-Centre Digital Screen Network, offers a truly immersive digital experience. The flexibility of these digital platforms provides an exciting opportunity for event organisers to customise their event branding.

Pair this with our static media spaces, which offers elevated event exposure and branding opportunities. Static media spaces are available throughout the Centre and includes escalator wraps, facade banners, elevator wraps etc. Event organisers can place orders using the following forms:

Suntec Singapore’s in-house team of graphic designers can assist event organisers by adapting existing event artwork for optimal display on static and digital media platforms. Please refer to the section on “Design Services” in the media order forms.

Pricing & Specifications

For more information on pricing for digital platforms, please refer to Media Kit

For more information on specifications, please refer to Technical Guide [Digital Media] and Technical Guide [Static Media].

Alternatively, event organisers can refer to the list of recommended advertising display production and printing suppliers from our Partners Guide.

Media – Digital/Static - Signage Placement [Client Materials] 

Dedicated placement points in the Centre will be allocated for event organisers bringing their own signage. Suntec Singapore has provisioned locations in basement car park lobbies as well as areas on levels 3, 4 and 6. Prior approval is required for event organisers who wish to display static media in public areas of the Centre. Please apply using AP-019 Signage & Poster Placement Permit.

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