The Big Picture

The largest high-definition LED video wall in the world, The Big Picture (TBP), welcomes you as you alight at the Suntec Singapore driveway. The screen displays customisable content to complement the events held in Suntec Singapore, as well as branding opportunities and impactful VIP welcome services to enhance the overall experience as visitors enter the convention centre.

TBP is the iconic image of Suntec Singapore. Visitors from all over the world are welcomed by a three-storey high multimedia greeting as they arrive at Suntec Singapore. At 15m tall and 60m wide, TBP has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the 'Largest High Definition Video Wall' in the world.

To add to the experience, the express escalators take you on a 32-second journey accompanied by unique motion sensor triggered escalator graphics to our reception area on Level 3.

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