In-Room Controls [Air-conditioning, Blinds, Lighting & Music]

All meeting rooms and exhibition halls are equipped with in-room touch panels which can be used to control the air-conditioning, blinds, lighting and music.


Suntec Singapore’s Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) oversees the Centre’s air-conditioning system. The standard temperature in the conference rooms and foyers is set at 24 degree-Celsius. In-room temperature can be controlled and adjusted using the in-room touch panel. 

Air-conditioning is provided in event spaces during event days. It is not provided during licensed move-in/move-out times or when the exhibition hall’s freight door is open.

Organisers can purchase additional air conditioning for move-in and move-out days at a rate of $0.12m3/ hour - Organisers should note that air conditioning can only be supplied when freight doors are closed. Please contact your Suntec Point of Contact for more details.


Suntec Singapore’s level 3 meeting rooms (with windows) are equipped with blackout and sunscreen blinds. These blinds can be adjusted and controlled via in-room touch panels.

Organisers are reminded not to store any items below the blind track line in order to avoid damage to the blinds.


The Centre’s Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) oversees all lighting controls. The lighting within the foyer is pre-set to a suitable level for all guests. Please refer to our Technical Guide [Lighting] for more information.

Lighting - Level 2 & 3 Lighting

Meeting rooms are provided with a number of pre-set lighting options, which are suitable for meetings, presentations and sales events. Lighting can be controlled and adjusted using the in-room touch panel. 

Lighting - Specialised Level 3 Concourse Lighting

ROBO lighting featuring multi-coloured rotational beams are installed at our level 3 Concourse and provides the perfect atmosphere for F&B events such as cocktails and buffet dinners.  

Pair this with our LED bar counters which are a component of our standard bar packages for an event with greater appeal.

Lighting - Level 4

Level 4 multipurpose halls are equipped with LED exhibition lighting which is provided at 50% configuration for move-in/move-out timings and 100% bright-white lighting during show days.

At Halls 404- 406, warm-yellow LED lighting can be engaged during F&B and meeting events, this is provided in configurations of 10%, 50% and 100%. 

In addition to the lighting features listed above - Halls 404, 405 and 406 are appointed with ROBO spots which can be adjusted to provide a spotlight feature on banqueting tables or staging. Configurable wall washers lighting provide illumination to the perimeter walls and can be paired with our in-built colour light feature – Crystals-on-4 [available at 406 only]

Hall 403 is supported with ambience lighting to help provide a conducive environment for meetings and F&B events.

Lighting in halls is made available complimentary with the exception of ambience lighting at Hall 403 which has an activation charge of $500 + GST per event.

Lighting on level 4 can be controlled as well as adjusted using the in-room touch panel. 


Hall 406 is adorned with an in-built coloured lighting feature – Crystals-on-4. 

To view options, templates and features of our Crystals-on-4, please click here. Alternatively, should you wish to have custom content, contact your Suntec Point of Contact who can assist to curate a bespoke design for you.

To order, please click here.

Lighting - Level 6

Level 6 multipurpose halls are provided with an extensive AV lighting system, which is operated by the auditorium management.

This can be paired with our in-house exhibition and conference lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for any type of event.


Suntec Singapore provides built-in background music at levels 2 and 3, and additional background music packs can be arranged at levels 4 and 6.

For safety reasons, background music that is played during move-in/move-out should be kept at a level that does not block out the warning sirens of mechanical equipment.

Event organisers providing their own music may be required to apply for a Composers & Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) licence. For more information, please click here.

Background Music

Suntec Singapore’s Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) oversees the Centre’s background music system. The music within the foyer is pre-set to a suitable volume level.

Level 2 and 3 meeting rooms are provided with in-room touch panels that can control and adjust the background music within the room. 

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