Internet & Network Solutions [SSID & VLAN Creation & Customisation]

Suntec Singapore has developed and established a robust and dynamic network to assist event organisers with your technical needs. Customisation has been built into the Centre’s infrastructure to facilitate telco requirements and reduce costs to event organisers. The Centre’s advanced telecommunication system featuring complimentary high-speed WiFi can support up to 8,000 devices at a time, with a speed of up to 500 mbps.

As the Centre provides comprehensive wireless internet coverage, the deployment of third-party devices is discouraged. To request and obtain prior approval, please apply using AP-025 Wireless Equipment Permit. Suntec Singapore reserves the right to disable any wireless transmitting devices found to be causing interference.


Having reliable connectivity has become indispensable for visitors and a key requirement for event organisers. As one of the most digitalised convention centres in the region, Suntec Singapore leads by providing free and reliable high-speed WiFi to all our visitors. Visitors can access our WiFi anywhere in our Centre and enjoy an unrestricted service whether they are using bandwidth-heavy applications such as video streaming and video calls or browsing the internet and sending emails. 

Facts about our free WiFi:

  • SSID: FREE_WiFi@SuntecSingapore
  • Up to 6,000 devices can be connected simultaneously throughout the Centre
  • No password required 
  • Speeds up to 500 mbps
  • Optical fibre cabling, connect to Suntec Singapore's Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network 
  • 345 high-performance access points are installed at multiple locations on every floor of the Centre
  • High-availability design with hardware and software redundancy that ensures an effective fail-safe medium
  • Wireless standard 802.11ac compatible with a/b/g/n/ac devices

To view our WiFi Brochure, please click here.

For dedicated internet services or phone lines, please use Telecommunication Services Order Request 

SSID Creation & Customisation [WiFi]

Suntec Singapore has developed and established a robust and dynamic network to assist event organisers. The Centre has the capabilities of providing customised SSIDs for WiFi. 

Below is an overview of our customised SSID capabilities:

A. Is there a charge to create a customised Wifi SSID?

There is no charge for this service

B. What is the maximum number of characters that can be used in the SSID name?

Maximum of 20 characters - only letters and numbers (no symbols)

C. Does the SSID require any particular naming configuration?

Clients can use any name, there is no pre-set configuration but the name must have a maximum of 20 characters (no symbols)

D. Can an SSID be password enabled? 

Password can be enabled, with a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 20 characters. Password can include numbers, alphabet (no symbols but can include capitals)

E. Can a customised splash page be created for a customised SSID?

The current SSID creation does not have the capabilities to provide routing to third-party websites or splash page creation

Please send submissions to

VLAN Creation & Customisation

The Centre's WiFi system allows event organisers to further customise their events through personalised SSIDs. The Centre has the capabilities of providing VLAN connectivity between rooms and floors. Customised VLANs can be created to assist with file transfers from slide centres/speaker-ready rooms, to various meeting locations around the Centre. 

VLANs can be provided for multiple reasons including the transfer of presentation files from speaker-ready rooms to rostrums within conference rooms.

Below is an overview of our VLAN capabilities:

A. What configurations are available for VLANs?

Customised VLANs can be created to various locations including meeting rooms and halls. It is possible to create VLANs that run across different levels within the convention Centre.

Organisers should provide a diagram showing the proposed VLAN connectivity, in order for the Centre to advise on the viability. 

B. Is there a charge to create a VLAN?

Dependent on the complexity of the work, the charges for VLAN configuration vary. An overview of our pricing is provided below:

a. 2 to 10 points @ $350 per event & not more than 3 VLANs
b. 11 to 20 points @ $500 per event & not more than 3 
c. More than 20 points @ $50.00 per point, no more than 3 VLANs

The above costing is indicative only, and subject to change base on the final requirements. The cost presented is not inclusive of cabling or bandwidth. 

Organisers should provide a diagram showing the proposed VLAN connectivity to the Centre for review and quotation. Please send submissions to

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