Electricity & Electrical Equipment Requirements

Electrical Connections

Suntec Singapore provides a comprehensive and high-powered electrical network throughout the Centre.

Event organisers should note that only licensed electrical workers (LEW) who are listed on our accredited list, are permitted to undertake electrical works within the Centre. To view the list, click here.

Event organisers should be mindful when requesting for high power utilisation, for such requirements a power turn-on may be required. To arrange, please place your order on the Suntec Singapore Marketplace.

Electrical Connections - Level 2 & 3 Rooms

For events taking place at levels 2 and 3, 13-amp electrical points are made available throughout all rooms and foyers. Selected rooms are also catered with 15-amp points. In-built power supply is provided at no additional connection or consumption charges. The location of power points can be found in the Technical Guide [Venue].

Electrical Connections - Level 4 & 6 Halls

Power within levels 4 and 6 will only be provided by the Centre for AV equipment and F&B items provided by Suntec Singapore  (with the exception of pop-up bistro).

Electrical Testing & Tagging

For safety reasons, the Centre requires all electrical equipment to be in good working order and to have been tested, tagged and confirmed to be in working order. 

The list below should be adhered to at all times for safety reasons:

  • Electrical equipment should be in good working condition with no damage to electrical leads.
  • Electrical equipment should not be used in wet areas unless it is designed for that purpose.
  • The placement of electrical cables should be taken into consideration at all times, to ensure that damage or injury does not occur.
  • No overloading of electrical circuits.
  • Electrical equipment should be used for its designated purpose and not modified for alternative use.
  • Use of double adaptors or ‘daisy chaining’ is not permitted.
  • For licensed areas without permanent power supply such as exhibition halls, the Centre requires event organisers to engage an appointed electrician for such services. For a list of appointed electricians, click here.

Electrical Consumption

Electrical consumption will be charged for all events, which require power turn-on, except for dinner events.

Please refer to your licensing agreement for details on pricing.

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