Cleaning – Waste Management

The Centre is committed to ensuring best practices in resource recovery and recycling. For exhibitions on Level 4 and 6 halls, skips can be stored within the respectively allocated loading bays for recycling and disposal of waste.

Please note that discarding hazardous or toxic waste through the Centre’s drainage system or in general waste is strictly prohibited and will incur significant remedial costs.

Event organisers are to ensure that their appointed cleaning contractors undertake the necessary delivery arrangement of skips for the disposal of waste. All waste must be removed safely, securely and must not remain on the premises after move-out.

Visit Suntec Singapore Marketplace to place your orders. For Vital clients, please access the respectively named module.

Waste Disposal Options

Cleaning Provision
Price What is Included?
Black Rectangular Dustin (7L)
Wet / Dry
POA  Cost is inclusive of:
- Removal of refuse every hour 
- Disposal of items
- Refuse bags
Black Round Dustin (7L)
Wet / Dry
Green Bin with Flip Lid (120L)
Wet / Dry
Green Bin with Flip Lid (40L)
Wet / Dry

Skip Management

For the consideration of all guests, the Centre enforces the following requirements for skip management:

- DRY WASTE SKIPS [includes waste such as cardboard and wood but does not include food / wet items] should be emptied every 48 hours
- WET WASTE SKIPS [includes food / wet items] should be emptied every 24 hours and should be covered at all times.

For safety reasons, do take note the Centre only permits skip delivery / changes between the hours of 23:59 - 05:00hrs daily. Skips will be denied access to the loading bay between the hours of 05:01 - 23:58hrs. This given, should Organisers be required to deliver / collect skips outside of their contractual period, this is permitted but subject to availability. Prior approval from the Centre, should be sought by the Organiser, by clicking here.

Please refer to Cleaning Services for more information.

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