External beverages provided by Organisers such as wines, beer and liquor are subject to corkage charges. Corkage charges include glassware, manpower for distribution and cleaning.

Corkage charges are a charged at the following special discounted rate:
> Beer Barrel at $300.00 ++ (per barrel)
> Champagne & Wine at $35.00 ++ (per bottle)
> Hard Liquor & Spirits at $35.00 ++ (per bottle)

Corkage requirements should be submitted to Suntec Singapore no later than 10 days in advance. A maximum of 10% increase can be supported for on-site requests.

Organisers should note that corkage charges are non-refundable, all unopened beverages should be collected by the Organiser from the Centre within 7 days of event-end. 

For more information, please contact your Suntec Point of Contact.

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