The health, safety and welfare of all staff, contractors, visitors and clients are of utmost priority to Suntec Singapore. Our Centre is recognised as a safe working environment and is OSHSAS 18001 and bizSAFE star certified. Event organisers and their contractors are required at all times to comply with the guidelines set out by Workplace Safety and Health Council Singapore.

For contractors’ safety guidelines, see Conduct & Attire.


Suntec Singapore requires all event organisers and contractors to fully understand their obligations, duty of care and responsibilities in reference to the guidelines presented by the Workplace Safety and Health Council Singapore. It is the personal responsibility of the licencee and all event organisers to have a thorough understanding of the guidelines documented within this manual and undertake personal research for further understanding of legislation and guidelines set out by respective governing bodies. 

Suntec Singapore has taken due diligence in compiling this manual. The Centre does not accept responsibility of accuracy or omissions of any statement, opinion, advice or information, nor the practical applicability of any advice or opinion offered. Suntec Singapore has provided guidelines, which are a simplified summary and does not represent itself as a legal authority or representative of any of the agencies referenced.

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