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Suntec Singapore has a wide range of furniture options for rental including conference and banquet tables, chairs, queue poles, stages, flip charts, easel stands etc.

For events contracted under meeting/training and F&B usage types, general room furniture such as tables and chairs is included. The Centre can provide, at an additional charge, specialised furniture such as flip charts, queue poles, and sofas. 

For all other event types e.g. exhibitions, sales/roadshows and concerts, the Centre can provide furniture at an additional charge. Alternatively, event organisers or official stand contractors can also bring in their own furniture.

Event organisers are required to consolidate orders from exhibitors who wish to rent furniture from Suntec Singapore. Individual orders from exhibitors will not be accepted.

Visit Suntec Singapore Marketplace to place your orders. For Vital clients, please access the respectively named module.

Stage Height

The Centre provides a variety of stage configurations in 1ft, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft height.


The Centre uses the following colour chairs:



Level 2


Level 3
(Foyer 4 rooms – Meeting Rooms 327- 330 and Nicoll 1-3)


Level 3 (All other rooms)


Level 4


Level 6

Choice of either red

or auditorium chairs

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