Registration Services

Suntec Singapore provides complimentary registration setups for all events.

Registration Services – Level 3

The registration package includes 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 lamp, 1 floral decoration and 1 unit of 13-amp power point, per room. For security reasons, tablecloths are not provided for registration tables at level 3.

For an enhanced registration experience for your guests, consider getting our upgraded desks in the enhanced package listed below.

Registration Services – Level 3 [Enhanced Package]

The Centre houses 20 digital registration counters. Each counter features a 32” display screen, drawers, reading lights and built-in power points. Counters can be deployed to locations within level 3 and screens customised to your event’s registration requirements. For additional branding opportunities, event organisers can request from their Suntec Point of Contact to deploy static branding onto the counter facades.

Registration counter orders can be made via your Suntec Point of Contact and are chargeable at prevailing rates/counter. Specifications can be found in the Technical Guide [Digital Media].

Registration Services – Levels 4 & 6

Level 4 and 6 multipurpose halls are provided with 2 complimentary silver registration counters per hall. Event organisers who need any power requirements for this location must request for a power turn-on in our Suntec Singapore Marketplace.

Registration Counter – Dimensions

For more information on the size and dimensions of registration counters found at Levels 3, 4 and 6 - please click here.

Registration Software

For a seamless customer registration experience, choose from a recommended list of registration software suppliers from our Partners Guide.

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