Food & Beverage

Our team of award-winning chefs curate and design a wide variety of delicious local and international dishes to suit all palates and occasions. Suntec Singapore recognises the importance of F&B in defining event experiences, from exhibition catering, tantalising lunches, and dinners to hosting customised VIP events.

For a full range of F&B options, please refer to the Food & Beverage Guide. Visit Suntec Singapore Marketplace to place an order after the main space booking has been made.

The service period for each F&B option is reflected below. Event organisers can select any start and end time within this service period window for your F&B service. Please inform your Suntec Point of Contact of your finalised F&B service times:

  Service Type

 Service Period Window

Maximum Service Duration

  Welcome Coffee and Tea

Maximum 1 hour [Anytime]

  1 hour


  0730hrs – 0930hrs

  2 hours

  AM Coffee and Tea

  1000hrs – 1130hrs

  2 hours


  1100hrs – 1500hrs

  2 hours

  PM Coffee Tea Break

  1430hrs – 1600hrs

  2 hours

  High Tea

  1500hrs – 1700hrs

  2 hours

  Pre-Dinner Reception

  From 1700hrs onwards

  1 hour


  From 1800 - 2230hrs

2 hours for buffet service
4 hours for plated service

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