Food & Beverage - Sampling of Food & Beverage Items

Suntec Singapore understands the importance of having F&B elements to provide an enhanced guest experience.

For all events that have not been contracted as an F&B show, the Centre requires event organisers to apply for External F&B Requests for events that require sampling of food and beverage items. 

Sampling of food is defined as:

  • Bite-size pieces of 100g or less 
  • Food must be non-perishable
  • Food to be pre-packed and must be distributed with intact packaging
  • Samples must clearly state the presence of any allergens
  • Samples must be clearly marked as a giveaway or “For Sample Only” from a specified sponsor
  • Samples cannot be sold
  • Use-by date must be clearly displayed on the packaging

As the liquor licence holder and exclusive F&B provider, Suntec Singapore defines sampling of drinks as:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages – 15ml or less
  • Wine and beer – 15ml or less
  • Liquor and spirits – 5ml or less

Suntec Singapore reserves the right to decline sampling requests.

Undeclared items or items which exceed the quantities stated above, will be charged external catering rates. Please apply for External F&B Requests.

Please refer to Food & Beverage for more information.

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