Ceiling Heights

Centre's Ceiling Height

For information on the Centre's ceiling height, please refer to Technical Guide [Venue]. 

Ceiling Heights – Exhibitor Booths

Suntec Singapore does not recommend the usage of covered ceilings for fire safety reasons. Any usage for covered ceilings will require prior approval on a case-by-case basis. Three copies of technical operational plans (of scale no less than 1:500 in A4), showing the location and construction of ceiling locations, must be submitted to the Centre for approval.

Booths with ceilings are to be provided with a temporary sprinkler system (ball sprinkler) or any other automatic fire extinguisher system for every 12sqm of covered area. Event organisers should note that all double-storey booths are deemed to have a ceiling. 

For more information, please see Stand or Booth Construction and Technical Guide [Venue].

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