Water & Drainage

Suntec Singapore provides a comprehensive network of water and drainage points within exhibition halls located at levels 4 and 6. For a technical overview such as water pressure and placement, please refer to Technical Guide [Venue].

To activate water and drainage points within the exhibition halls, please liaise with your dedicated Suntec Point of Contact.

Event organisers are reminded to provide sufficient protection at all water and drainage points. Drainage is provided for the discharge of greywater. Disposal of oil, solids, grease and hazardous materials are not permitted. For F&B events, which require washing points, the necessary precautionary measures such as oil traps and particle filters are to be provided by the event organiser.

All piping are to be set within trench pits (where provided), between trench pits or where pits are not available, piping are to be set on top of carpet (where applicable) and placed within piping trays.

Piping should not block doors or access points.

For information on service pits, please click here.

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