Stand or Booth Construction

For the safety of all, please ensure strict compliance with the following: 

General Compliances

  • The applicant must obtain prior approval from Suntec Singapore before any activity can take place.
  • Booth, stand or structures should be built within the licence area [contracted area] only.
  • Aisles/corridors between any two separate rows of booths must be maintained at a minimum distance of 2.5 metres [trade show] or 3.0 metres [consumer show].
  • Aisles/corridors leading to the exits of the hall must be kept free of obstructions [queue poles/stanchions or display banners are not allowed to be placed along the aisles and/or corridors].
  • A minimum 1.5 metre clearance is to be maintained from fire hose reels, fire alarm call points, fire extinguishers, dry risers and any other firefighting or fire protection systems.
  • Booth structures are not allowed to be constructed directly under smoke curtains at Level 2 & 3. Smoke curtains at Level 4 are located between halls 402 & 403 [3 metre clearance] and 403 & 404 [2.3 metre clearance]. 
  • There shall be a fire break of 3 metres between rows of booths if it exceeds 15 metres in length and 6 metres in width.
  • No structure or fittings shall block the view of EXIT signs.
  • For enclosed booths with a floor area larger than 75m², directional exit signs are to be provided [minimum 2 EXIT points required]. 
  • Any point within a booth shall be within 15 metres reach of a fire extinguisher. Otherwise, appropriate numbers of fire extinguishers have to be provided at the booth. Types of fire extinguishers e.g. 2.5kg ABC dry chemical powder or similar, are acceptable.
  • A minimum 3 metre clearance is to be maintained from the exits of the hall. 
  • Booth with extended/elevated platform or patio shall not impede any emergency exit doors from opening.


  • Materials used for the construction of booths and ceilings are to be non-combustible or have a minimum class 2 surface flame spread rating [supported by internationally recognised test reports/certificates].
  • Overhead fabric materials used as booth covers, canopies, tents, or used as curtains or draperies, must be permeable to water and have a minimum surface flame spread rating of class 2.
  • Use of combustible materials such as plastics, paper, foam and strips of timbers should be limited and generally confined for decorative purposes. Their uses within booths should be kept to a minimum and not used for general wall covering.
  • Combustible materials are to be kept at a minimum and away from heat sources.

Seminar Requirements

  • If seats are provided for the public, the maximum number of seats in a row must not exceed 12. After which, an aisle of minimum width 1.5 metres must be provided. The occupancy rate of a maximum of 1 person per 1.5 sqm must be observed.

Special Booth Designs

  • Structures and booths exceeding 4 metres in height require the submission of 3 copies of sketch plans [with scale no less than 1:50, and showing cross sections and elevations of proposed work]. Advice will be provided on a case-by-case basis if a professional engineer’s endorsement is required.
  • Double-storey booths require a professional engineer’s [PE] certificate in addition to the submission of three copies of the sketch plan for the Centre’s approval.
  • The design, construction and dismantling of Double Storey Booths must comply with the guidelines, rules and regulations laid down by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and are subject to permit approval from Building and Construction Authority (BCA):
    - For more information on SCDF's rules and regulations, please click here.
    - For more information on BCA's application form, please click here.
  • Booths with ceilings are to be provided with a temporary sprinkler system [ball sprinkler] or any other automatic fire extinguisher system for every 12 sqm of covered area.
  • Booths with ceilings shall not exceed 225 sqm in area and shall be separated from one another by a minimum distance of 15 metres.

Other Requirements

  • Product display balloons or any display articles must be self-supported and maintain a 2-metre clearance at levels 4 and 6 and a 0.5-metre clearance at level 3 from the ceiling lighting/fire protection system.
  • Balloon-filling helium gas tanks are not allowed to be placed/kept inside the exhibition hall.

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