Engage Theatres - Overview

Experience infinite possibilities when you host your event at Suntec Singapore’s Engage Theatres, integrating both physical and virtual experiences, designed with the user at the heart of it all. 

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Engage Customisation

Engage Theatres are suitable for all event types. For cost-effectiveness, we would recommend fully utilising the existing capabilities of the Theatres and avoiding any heavy setup. Events with extensive external setup i.e. exhibition booths are advised to take up alternative exhibition halls to enjoy room rental only rates. 

If required, the Engage Theatres can be provided non-carpeted. Partial carpeting of the hall will be considered on a case-by-case basis due to the complexity of the carpeting arrangement. Please submit a request to your Suntec Point of Contact. 

Our Engage Theatres will maintain the promotional Engage rates regardless of non or partial carpeting. 

Carpet Protection for Carpentry Build-up and/or Booth Setup:

Organisers are to ensure that contractors take the necessary precautions to protect the carpeted floor from damage, including but not limited to the following:

  • Where carpeting is present and power needs to be pulled to a setup - the contractor should place the wires above the carpet and use cable trays for safety. 
  • For heavy move-in/out, plywood must be overlaid on the carpet for protection. 

For more detailed rules and regulations regarding booth construction, click here

Power for Carpentry Build-up and/or Booth Setup:

Wherever power is required for carpentry build-up and/or booth setups, organisers should undertake a power turn-on which can be arranged via the Centre's appointed list of LEW. For safety reasons, power cables should be placed on top of the carpet, within cable trays.

For more information on electrical works, click here.

Add-on Items

Additional services can be added to the Engage Theatres, for more information on available products please click here.

To view the Engage Theatres website, please click here.

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